Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Ride

It had to be done - sod the weather. Yep, a great ride on the new VTR today along with Sarge on his FZ-1 and the Yods on their Blackbird. We met up in town and headed out into some pretty grey looking weather. A quick blat over the Pahiatua track (which was fun even though the road was wet) and I was starting to get to know the bike a bit more.

Out the back of Pahiatua the roads were wet and quite greasy in places, not to mention the slips and even tree branches over the roads so some care was needed. A quick stop at Alfredton for some piccys (and for me to rave about v-twins) before heading into Masterton to top up fuel tanks.
From Masterton we headed out the simply delicious Castle Point road and even though there was storm damage & road works in places the ride was fantastic with mainly dry roads and plenty of fantastic curves to enjoy. One particular piece where a slip had been cleaned up was quite muddy and I didn't quite slow up enough to avoid wearing a mist of mud from a certain Blackbird - quite a laugh when we stopped at Castle Point.

After a bite to eat we were forced to turn around and head back towards Masterton. On this leg I tried to stick behind Sarge he started to attack the corners. Had an absolute blast but was eventually left in his dust.

After another quick stop at Masterton we headed back towards home and soon hit the rain. It wasn't pouring down but was definitely steady and enough to get ya wet. About 10km south of Pahiatua by fuel gauge went down to it's last bar and as I'm still not familiar with the bike's economy I stopped and put 12.8L in her - needn't
have bothered, should have made it home ok.

Anyway, we said our seeyas to Sarge at Pahiatua before heading back carefully over the track. Quite wet but it still didn't put a damper on an awesome ride. Great to get the first one under my belt and I certainly know the VTR a bit better now.

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