Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let there be light!

With the GC coming up in just a month or too I thought that it was a good idea to think about a bit of extra light for the Connie. The standard lights are pretty good on high beam but perhaps not so good on low beam.

I ended up fitting some +50% bulbs which as the name suggests are supposed to give about 50% more light for the same wattage. They were really easy to fit compared to the mission it's been on some of my other bikes and I was keen to try to get some pictures of any difference in light output.

This proved pretty hard - not sure if it's the camera adjusting for the bright light or what but the picture of the lights on low beam seemed to come out best showing what looks like a brighter light. In reality you can definitely see the difference (actually tested this with one of each bulb type in) and the light is very white. Now all I have to do is play with the heights a little and I should be set for about ten hours of darkness...

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