Saturday, November 22, 2008

Car Crashers & Beaches

Friday was the last official day of my baby leave so I took the opportunity to make use of the good weather and head out for a ride. It was Daves day off as well and he was keen for a bit of riding.

Dave had worked night shift the night before so we had the gentlemenly start time of 11am. Leaving Ashurst we headed throught the gorge and south to Pahiatua. Here we took to the back roads continuing south towards Masterton. About 15mins out of Masterton we came accross a young girl that had just crashed her car. On a straight bit of road she had managed to hit the bank on the wrong side and the car ended up on it's side in the ditch. She was a bit dazed and had a couple of minor cuts. We checked her out and waited for help to arrive before continuing on to Castlepoint.

We made it to the coast just after 1pm where we had a late lunch before attacking the great bit of road that would take us back to Masterton again.

We stopped for a quick fuel up the back to Ashurst via Mangamire and the Pahaitua track, arriving just before 4pm.

Other that having to deal with the car accident it was a good day out with warm fine weather and some good roads to ride on.

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