Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vinegar Hill

Another cracker of a day and though I was supposed to be thinking about heading into town for some Christmas shopping, Sarge had posted a suggestion for a ride in the afternoon and it was just too hard to pass up.

I met up with Sarge and the others at Ashhurst and after a bit of chin wagging we headed off over towards Colyton, Cheltenham and finally Vinegar Hill.  The road was in good nick with just the odd bit of hot tar to look out for.

Once we got back to SH1 we stopped for a bit of a natter before turning around and doing it all again but in the opposite direction.  This time though we stopped in at Cheltenham for a cold drink and some more yarning before finally heading for home.

On the way back Sarge & I swapped bikes (he'd been hassling AFC for a demo ride and hadn't managed to swing it) so I got to sample the FZ-1 on the way into town.  And what an angry little beast it is!  A very willing and snarling engine in a very tight package.  Very easy to ride with it's great riding position and wide bars.  Even the little screen was surprisingly effective at deflecting the wind.  Great fun!

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