Saturday, September 12, 2009

City Honda Ride

City Honda has just turned a year old and so they were celebrating by running a few different events to promote their business: shop specials, Aaron Slight & Shane King in store, A Gold Wing owners event and this morning an organised ride followed by a free barbecue.

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I gassed up the Honda (thought I'd better take it seeing it was a Honda ride) and met up with Brian (cheating by taking his Connie) at City Honda. Prior to the ride we had a look around the shop and chatted with other riders.

Shortly after nine about 20 or bikes formed up and headed off following the leader on a Transalp. We pootled over to Mt Stewart where we turned off to Halcombe. From Halcombe we rode through to Stanway where a navigational error took us the wrong way for a bit before the lead rider realised and we turned around and aimed for Vinegar Hill.

Here we were given the opportunity to have a play before we stopped at Ohingaiti for a regroup. After the wee stop we had a great ride through to Pemberton and Kimbolton where we stopped again for a regroup. From Kimbolton we settled down and rode back to City Honda via Feilding, parked up and went in search for a pig in a blanket or two.

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