Saturday, October 03, 2009

Friday night ride #1

Yep, daylight savings has kicked in so the Friday night rides have been kicked off. We've had pretty average weather all this week and it was not looking good for the ride. Add me getting a cold to this and you'd think that I'd have more sense than think about going on the ride.

Well, you're wrong! I'm an idiot. After getting home from work I chucked on plenty of warm clothes and my wet weather gear and fired up the Honda. In Ashhurst I met up with the rest of the gang - about 15 or so of us and we followed the normal Friday night ride procedure of plenty of crap-talking before finally deciding on the ride route and getting on our bikes.

Because of the weather it was decided that we'd just do a short ride over the track to Pahiatua for a coffee. This suited me as I shouldn't really have been out on the bike at all...

Riding through to Aokautere there was plenty of wind to add a little interest to the ride and once on the track we faced greasy roads, wind and fog. All the same it was a good little blast and once in Pahiatua the helmets came off for a bit more nattering.

In the end I decided not to hang around and spread my germs so I remounted and took to the track again for the return leg. The ride was more of the same although if anything the wind had increased and this had helped clear most of the fog away. Nice to get home without any rain at all though.

Not an ideal kick-off to the summer riding season but it's in the books now and I'm looking forward to improved weather and many more great Friday night rides.

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