Saturday, October 17, 2009

The night before

It's quite a novelty for me to be able to sit in a motel and post a blog before the Grand Challenge so I thought that I had better give it a whirl.

We rode up to Turangi yesterday afternoon through some small patches of quite wet rain and some very windy conditions but got here all safe sound. The bikes have all been through scrutineering and all passed so it looks like we have to do the ride.

Later on we went down to the truck stop for tea and then back down to the camp to get the route map. This is the first time Mark & I have seen the map the night before the ride but it is also the first time we've had a GPS for navigation.

So after grabbing the map we headed back to our motel where we started putting the route into Mapsource. We are pretty happy with the route we've planned but loading it onto Cowboyz computer his map and mine do not match. We finally worked it out that we had different mapsource files and the two were not quite the same and caused the maps to look different.

Nevermind, the map is now loaded onto the GPS and we're sitting around waiting for the 3pm start...hope the weather is not to forecast.

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