Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday night ride

Not a big turn-out for the Friday night ride this week and only a short little ride over the Saddle, back through Balance and over the track to the Summerhill shopping complex for some takeaways.

The ride was marred by one guy falling off at very low speed when he braked in some gravel on the side of the road. No injuries to the rider and very little to the bike as well. Still not something that we want to encourage on these rides. I hope the rider is more careful next time out - it is not a race and nobody should feel that they have to prove anything.

I also had an issue with the Honda - when I left Summerhill I noticed that my headlight was out. Luckily it was still not very dary and I got home ok without attracting any unwelcome attention. Today I traced the problem to simply the plug falling out of the bulb...

Hopefully we'll get a few more next week and can plan a decent pootle somewhere.

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