Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ACC Protest Ride

Had a pretty much perfect day for the ACC ride although a bit windy in places. Rode with perhaps 300 others from Palmy to Levin and then with even greater numbers to Papakowhai. Here we met up with thousands for the ride to Parliament where we listened to a lot of good speakers and booed the ACC minister.

While there we heard reports of up to 12,000 people there although the TV has been saying 5,000 bikes. Very hard to say but the place was swimming in bikes and the Parliament grounds were packed out. A great effort by a lot of people to make it all happen.

I'm currently uploading some video but in the meantime here are the pics:


  1. I'm sort of envious of you all. We're headed into winter with the rain and wind. It's just starting summer for you, isn't it?

  2. It's supposed to be summer here but we've been having very average weather. Nice day yesterday but pouring with rain today. Ride year round here - snow & ice only affects certain parts of the country.