Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday night ride

Another week's gone by and we've certainly had our share of wacky weather - fine one day and wet and windy the next. Friday was no exception, it was a pretty grey day and there was more than enough wind to turn umbrellas inside out. Flynn had posted up a ride involving riding through to Pahiatua and all day it was hard to see the hills between Palmerston North and Pahiatua - not a good omen for a fine ride.

The good news is that it didn't put off many people from attending the Friday night ride - 14 bikes all up and 16 keen riders/pillions - and we stuck to the original route too.

Flynn was obviously pretty keen to get going and was clearly enjoying his new Buell as we left Ashhurst as he shot away at a good rate and thundered into the gorge. I had a bit of a play following him through here until we reached the turn-off to Ballance. We stopped there to wait for the others who had got caught behind a truck before I led the group off.

Another nice ride through the valley and onto the Pahiatua track for a wee pootle to the Mangamire turn-off. I pulled over there to wait for eveyone and got a nice surprise when Martin offered me the keys to his 'busa - very mint slice!

Once we'd regrouped we waved some of the group through before I pootled quietly on after Martin and started to learn how to ride the beast. I love the road through to Mangamire and although we all took it easy it was a lot of fun getting to know a different bike.

After the obligatory refreshments at the Black Stump in Pahiatua we made our way home in dribs and drabs - all heading in different directions. I stuck with Al, Monaime, Flynn and Leonie (who was still getting to know her nice little ER-6) and we took the track back home to Palmy.

Another nice Friday night ride and good to see plenty of bikes and absolutely no incidents.

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