Sunday, November 29, 2009

An important meeting

Yes, very important indeed: my sister Christine had her second child last Thursday so I thought I'd better pop up to the 'naki and meet little Alexander.

Saturday was a bit of a wash out so I was lucky that today the weather came right and all I had to contend with was the wind and mufti cops (a bit lucky there, just a flash of the headlights). The ride up was pretty boring but on the way back I had Dad with me on his SV so we decided to go around the mountain and come back via the Surf Highway.

Along the way we swapped bikes for a bit, fueled in Wanganui and then I showed Dad a back road through to Marton then Halcombe and Fielding. In Colyton I sent him on his way home to Napier while I turned off for Palmy and home.

A pretty good day out on the bikes and nice to see the rest of the family including it's newest member!

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