Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The standard muffler on the Connie has always drawn criticism for it’s size and design – the one ugly feature of the bike.  Most owners rectify this by immediately fitting an aftermarket muffler.  I haven’t wanted to go this route as I quite enjoy the fact that the Connie is a quiet bike (as opposed to the Honda which is a yeller), especially when on a long trip.

A few of the guys on the Concours forum have experimented with painting the aluminium end cap and heat shield in various shades of black and I quite liked the look.  So when Brian offered me the end cap and shield off his muffler (he’s fitted a stainless pipe) I jumped at it and took them in to get powder coated.  And below is the result – I think it looks quite good and perhaps make the muffler look a little smaller.

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  1. That does make a world of difference. Nice touch!