Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Autumn morning

I woke up this morning to another fantastic autumn's day: cool, clear, crisp but sunny and I knew where the tag was...

I figured that seeing that it was Sunday morning there was no rush to go for the tag so I had breakfast first and then hit the road just before nine.

Heading up the road I discovered that something wasn't right with the bike - it seemed to have no grunt and I was winding on the throttle with little response. The bike had been warmed up and sounded ok but it just wasn't pulling away as per usual - weird.

I road on a little thinking that maybe she was still just a bit cold but no dice, still performing like a 250 when at low revs. I started wondering what was going on - was the rear brake dragging? Nope, all good there. Eventually I twigged - the glue holding the heated grips on to the throttle had let go and the grip was slipping when I wound the throttle on. After I'd worked this out it was a bit easier to manage but still a real pain - anyway back to the tag.

Well, it turned out that it wasn't where I'd thought it was (or had moved at some stage perhaps) so I put my thinking cap on and went off hunting. Eventually I found it on the road between Shannon and Foxton. Picture taken I decided to come home via Linton so I could pop in to Jared & Rachel's to see if they had some super glue, and while I was there I could upload my tag photo too...

When I got there I jumped on their computer only to discover that I'd been beaten to the tag by around 15 minutes - damn! Never mind, Jared had some loctite and some coffee so I got the bike sorted, had a bit of chat and then headed back out to make the most of the fantastic day.

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