Monday, April 19, 2010

Bug catching

Ok, so I won't start this blog by going on about fine autumn day's. I'll just say that autumn is my favourite time of the year (especially for riding) - cool, clear and still weather. And that's enough of that - on with the ride.

Supersonic had posted up that he was keen for a ride and was thinking of riding out Vinegar Hill etc. I mentioned that I'd done that the previous weekend and how's about going East? He was pretty keen on the idea and so we met up in town before heading for the track.

We had a great ride over the track and the ride videos below show a few of the best sections of the track. From Pahiatua we rode through to Mangatainoka and turned off for the ride through to Pongaroa.

This is a great bit of road but you definitely need to keep your wits about you as every turn can throw up a challenge - from stock on the road to unmarked roadworks and new seal. Our main hazard was the unmarked new seal and there were several nasty sections to get through. Check out the videos and you'll Sonic being a good chap and pointing out all the nasty bits.

In Pongaroa we stopped for a late lunch and a spot of gas bagging before I led us off on Route 52 to Weber. Another great piece of road this, with corners a plenty and plenty of nice scenery. From Weber the road opens out a lot more to lots of fast flowing sweepers and it's real bikers delight all the way back into Danniverke.

From Danniverke we ended up taking some back roads to Woodville before we attacked the Saddle. Getting close to Woodville we were passed by four quick trumpies - two of which missed the turn-off to the Saddle so they got to pass us again over the Saddle.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is the plethora of bugs that were out and about. By the time we began to tackle the Saddle my screen and visor were splattered big time (check out the pictures and video) and this combined with the low sun made for some pretty poor visibility going over the Saddle. It was still a great ride over the Saddle and I even managed to gobble up one of the triumph riders who didn't know how to go around corners before meeting back up with Sonic for the potter into town.

A really great day out in the sunshine!

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Wow! The look of the site has changed since I was last here. Nice!

    Where would we be without bugs on our shields, eh?