Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's back!

Yep, and about time too! I've missed my little red bike and I hope she forgives me for throwing her down the road. I promise to make it up to her by giving her a good fang as soon as possible and let her make some music through the brand spanking new mufflers!

I've only ridden her around town so far but she seems fine and is definitely looking good. The LHS fairing was repaired and repainted along with the tank and the tank sports a new tank protector. As mentioned the mufflers are brand new and it's these which held up the repair process. They are slightly different than the old ones but are the latest from Two Bros and they still make the same music.

Tomorrow Brian, Mark and I are planning to head down to Wellington for an ambulance run there so if the weather is fine then the little red beast will get her first decent outing in a long time. Can't wait!

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