Sunday, May 02, 2010

Around and around

Another fine autumn's day again so I was forced to take the Connie out of the shed for a little exercise. After a quick bite at home I was able to get on the road shortly after 12 so I had great plans on racking up quite a few k's before parking the bike up again.

I started by cruising over to Feilding but then instead of heading directly through to Cheltenham and onto Vinegar Hill, I went out the back of Feilding and through Makino and then onto SH54 to Vinegar Hill.

After cruising through Waituna West I stopped briefly at Stormy Point for a few pictures before continuing on to Hunterville. In Hunterville I discovered quite a serious error I'd made before leaving home - after filling the bike I discovered I'd left my wallet at home - Doh! And so, after giving the guy in the service station my details, I was on my way home as quickly as possible to find my wallet.

My route home took me down SH1 before blowing through Halcombe, across to Mt Stewart and then back SH1 to get me home as quickly as possible. The dog was most upset with me when I only spent about 5 minutes at home before rapidly departing for Hunterville once again - no walkies for him.

With Hunterville my destination again I had the perfect excuse to do Vinegar Hill again and once again it was a great ride, but no stopping this time. Back at the gas station I was able to pay for my gas and start to enjoy my ride again.

I decided to turn towards Wanganui and take Mangahoe Road into wopsville. Instead of continuing on to Wanganui I decided to take Turakina Valley road back towards Marton.

Not long after turning onto Turakina Valley road it turned to gravel but as I'd ridden this bit before I was pretty sure that there wasn't too much gravel and continued on. Sure enough, after about 5km I was back on the tar again and out of 3rd gear and into top.

Once again I had a decision to make: on towards Turakina and Wanganui or hanger left and cruise Makuhou Road back to Marton. As it was getting later (and a little chilly) I took the left and settled in to enjoy Makuhou Road. This was the 3rd time in recent months that I've been through here and it's a great ride with a nice corners and plenty of scenery to look at.

Eventually I ended up in Marton and from there I simply rode home via Halcombe and Feilding.

Yet another magic day out on the Connie and another 300 or so km on her clock.

More pictures here.

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