Sunday, May 09, 2010

New Rubber

With the Connie wearing some brand spanking new Pirelli's it seemed only right that they should be put to some use and with it being Mother's day then I figured maybe I should really head up to the Bay to catch up with the olds.

I started off by cruising up the main drag to Danniverke and spent a lot of my time waving to bikes going the opposite direction - this weekend was the Cold Duck Rally and all the rally goers were heading home. I think every cafe, garage and dairy on the road had a dozen or so bikes outside and there were certainly plenty on the road too.

In Danniverke I topped up the bike before pressing on. At Matamau I turned off SH2 to head through Makotuku, Ormonville and Takapau before popping out on Route 52 (just for a second) and then into Waipuk. After trundling up SH2 to Waipawa I turned Eastwards and road through to Patangata and then Elsthorpe.

From Elsthorpe I turned off onto Kahuranaki road which winds it's way Northwards towards Havelock North. It was a really nice ride through here with plenty to look at and plenty of corners to keep you interested. It's a country road though and there were two quite long sections of unmarked, unsignposted and unswept new seal - man I hate that.

With just over 200km under my new Pirelli's I rolled up at the old's place and was able to sit down and have a spot of lunch with Dad. Unfortunately Mum was at work so I was forced to watch a replay of last week's Moto GP racing before she came home and we could catch up for a bit before I had to suit up for the trip back.

In the end I left Napier just before 5pm and had a really nice ride back in the gathering dark via SH50 - got to use my heated grips too, it's certainly starting to get a bit cooler. Gotta make the most of every fine day now...

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