Thursday, August 05, 2010

Getting the boing back

The other day I alluded to some suspension issues on the VTR and now that I have her back I can explain a bit further.

When the bike was being checked over for a warrant, the shop noticed that there was naff all rebound when pushing down on the rear.
Funnily enough I'd been talking to Brian the day before about having a play with the suspension as I had thought it was a bit hard on my last ride to the Bay and back. Things had obviously been on the way out on this trip as by
the time the shop got it things were pretty much locked up and I was starting to get worried about the possible causes of the
issue and the dollars that might be involved.

As it turned out things were not quite as bad as my nightmares and the route cause was a couple of bearings in the linkages having dried out and destroyed themselves. So, a relatively easy fix nothing as expensive as a new shocky...

And at the other end of the bike is a brand spanking Pilot Power 2CT which I'm looking forward to scrubbing in and seeing what a difference it makes to the bike's handling. Advice I've been given is that it may speed up the turn-in which will certainly be welcome (I reckon that the Connie currently has superior turn-in to the Honda - or at least easier). This will be my first experience with a "soft" front as I've always run sports-touring tyres on my bikes (the VTR being my first sports bike).

I'll post more when I've had a chance to try the new rubber out properly.

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