Saturday, February 26, 2011

A bit more preparation

Not long to go (well long enough) until Mark & I take off down South for the start of the Southern Cross so I had a few more little jobs to do today to make sure that both bike and rider were ready for the off.

First up was an oil change for the bike (engine and final drive) and for this I even had a a bit of help in the shape of my old man so that was nice. Then the coolant was checked and I moved onto fitting the new rubbers on the top box rack which will hopefully assist in keeping the top box on the bike for the whole trip...

After this it was time to show some more love in the form of a polishing rag. All the bits that needed polish got some and a bit of Amorall was splashed around on some of the bits that needed it too. That done, the sheepskin seat cover was fitted and there's not
much to do to the bike other than load it up, check the tyre pressures and put some gas in the tank!

Another important job was to replace the visor on my Shoei. After my last ride the old visor was definitely stuffed - it was shocking (not to mention dangerous) to look through when riding into the sun. This time around I bought a visor that has the pin-lock anti-fog system built-in and so had to fit the pinlock lens to the visor too - very simple to do. A quick polish of the helmet and some Rain-X on the visor and the lid is ready to go too.

Now to clean my boots and....


  1. Ahhhh... memories!

    Best of luck mate and may the weather be fair.

  2. ALl the best ANdrew, will be thinking of you enviously as you travel.

    Hoping the weather stays good for you , and I look forward to hearing of your adventures.

  3. Nice looking bike :-)

  4. Anonymous2:53 am

    It's good to read of others enjoying their bikes. Still 2 months before the snow is gone here in the Yukon and riding season starts. I'll be back to hear how your rides go. Thanks.