Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday night ride

Well not the usual organised Friday night ride with the KB guys but a Friday night ride none the less. Brian somehow managed to talk me into a little pootle after work.

We left town at around 6 and made our way over to Feilding for some fuel and after a bit of discussion shot out the back of Feilding and made for Vinegar Hill. The temperature was still very warm and whenever we headed into the sun I was reminded that I had forgotten to order a new visor - the scratches combined with the low sun were doing their best to hide the world from me - not an ideal situation.

In Hunterville we stopped for tea (a fantastic Hawaiian burger for me) and then ummed and arred over which way to go home. It was a really fantastic night and all sorts of ideas involving distances from 70-500km were chucked about - seriously it was the sort of night where you could just ride all night!

In the end we investigated some roads in behind Hunterville and Marton before cruising back through Mt Biggs and Mt Stewart and then home. A really great night out on the bikes!

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