Sunday, February 20, 2011


Not long to go now until the Southern Cross. Ferry tickets arranged and most of the accommodation sorted. Bike washed but needs a polish and maybe an oil change. Routes all designed and ready to load onto the GPS.

Approx distances below - can you guess where we're going?
Day 1: approx 270km
Day 2: 734km
Day 3: 374km
Day 4: 815km
Day 5: approx 370km
Day 6: 843km
Day 7: 872km
Day 8: 467km
Day 9: 801km
Can't wait...


  1. Good stuff Andrew, Looking forward on hearing how it all goes.

  2. Awesome Andrew - moving it a bit further away from winter is a smart move too. There was snow almost down to the road near Clinton and minus 4 degrees just north of Amberley when I did it in 2005 - pretty unpleasant.

    All the very best mate. Presume it's a Cape Egmont lighthouse start this year?

  3. Yeah - I was there man! I remember being stuck in traffic just South of Dunedin when the snow dumped (didn't actually snow on us) and then riding through the mess. It was also damn chilly leaving Kaikoura at about 6am to meet the ferry.

    BTW: Mark & I had breakfast with ya in Picton before the Ferry. Well kinda - you were finishing as we pulled in.

    Bluff-Egmont-East Cape-Cape Reinga this time around.