Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Southern Cross Day Five - Home?

Day Five of the Southern Cross simply involved us heading back to Palmy for a night in our own beds. The day started with the three of us sitting outside the Cheviot garage waiting for them to open so we could fill up and be on our way - note to self: Cheviot garage not open until 8am...

From Cheviot we had a quick little squirt up the road to Kaikoura where we parked up and ordered breakfast and waiting to hear from Meanie and Monie. A few texts were exchanged but they stopped at a different cafe than us and also got back on the road before us.

Never mind, we were in no hurry to get to the ferry and took it pretty quietly in SH1 traffic all the way to Picton. At the boat we joined 50-odd other bikes for a very nice sailing across the straights, the only issue being a touch of sunburn...

Off the boat and into rush-hour traffic was not a lot of fun but after refueling at Otaki the traffic got a bit better and we settled into the cruise home. A bigger day planned for tomorrow...

Distance: 365km
Av speed: 84.3km/h
Economy: 18.3km/l

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