Sunday, March 06, 2011

Southern Cross day two - The Coast

Day two started with us watching the rain come down while we ate our breakfast. But regardless of the weather we had a big day planned and so were soon on road to Wakefeild and our first fuel stop of the day.

Leaving Wakfield the weather improved and the ride over the saddles was fantastic. We stopped briefly at the top of the Hope Saddle to take a few pictures of the fog before carrying on to Murchison. The Upper Buller Gorge was also wet but it is always a great ride too.

Further on down the road we stopped at the Brunner mine memorial for some photos before continuing on to Hokitika for lunch. In Hokitika we met up with a couple of other Southern Cross riders who rode off ahead of us into the wetness while we refuelled our steeds.

Heading further South we made good time even though we were always on wet roads and often riding in the rain. South of the glaciers we finally got clear of the rain and the riding just got better and better. We had another photo stop in Bruce Bay before paying a small fortune for petrol in Haast.

There will be video of our ride through the Haast at some stage but it will not properly do justice to the experience of riding this magnificent piece of road - just do it! One fantastic day's riding finally ended in lovely Wanaka.

Distance: 735km
Av speed: 93.2km/h
Economy: 17km/l


  1. THere is no doubt that the road from Haast to Wanak must be one of the best in the wrold for biking. Looks like the weather noy quite playing ball. Good stuff, man I wish I was you at the moment.

  2. +1 on Roger's comments! There's a guy from the UK who I met briefly in Coro touring down south at the moment and it's blowing his mind. He's due to do the Buller Gorge today in perfect weather.