Sunday, March 06, 2011

Southern Cross day three - a bit chilly

On day three we awoke to a noticibly cooler day and snow was visible on the surrounding hills. After breakfast we added an extra layer beneath our riding gear before riding off towards Cardrona.

Crown Range Road was devoid of traffic and I managed to capture a fair chunck of this great biking road on film as we made our way up and over the hill. In Frankton we stopped for fuel before heading off around the lake.

Just before Kingston the weather took a serious turn for the worse and we started to get pelted with very cold wet rain. Heated grips were pressed into action and we carried on splashing our way to Five Rivers and Mossburn.

From Mossburn we took a new (to us) road which took us through Nightcaps and on to Riverton where we stopped for lunch. Luckily the rain had stopped by now but it was still very cold so a hot lunch was very well received.

From Riverton it was just a short ride into Invercargil to find our motel and catch up with Meanie & Monie before the start of the Southern Cross proper.

Distance: 352km
Av speed: 92.7km/h
Economy: 16.7km/l

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