Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back to work and a challenge...

Yes, back to work today...but the weather is due to go bad again tomorrow and it's another long weekend this weekend...

There's been a few blog challenges going around lately so I thought I'd start one of my own: how many people at your place of work ride bikes to work?  The below picture was taken today when we probably only had a maximum of 30 staff at work.  So, counting the scooters, not a bad result eh?

The fleet
BTW: that's Mark's push-bike in the corner - he rides that to work instead of his Bandit.  Also missing from the pic is at least one other scooter, a GSX750F and Brian's VTR or Connie...

Okay, now let's see some more parking lots...


  1. Sorry my work gives me a car to drive to work and nobody else at work rides. They are a sad bunch I tell ya.

  2. I'm out of work now, lost it 2 months ago but I do have 3 bikes in my garage, does that count? :-)

  3. Winter here. No one is riding. :)

  4. @George, sorry to hear that. Hope things come right for you.

    @BeemerGirl, any excuse eh? Pretty lucky here in that we can ride year round if we don't mind the wet...