Monday, December 12, 2011

Favourite Five

Time for another Blog challenge.  This comes from Roger from All things Rogey and the challenge is to post up my five favourite photos of the year.  The rules are that I must have taken all the piccys and there must be at least one including me (egad!).

Ok, so here is number one and while it may not include any fantastic scenery it is a memorable shot.  I took this just after finishing my tenth Grand Challenge and the Connie's fifth.  The Connie made the ride easy...

Ready for more
Number two is taken the day after buying the DL and is my first decent ride on the new bike.  The ride was also memorable as it was my last ride across the Gentle Annie before it was completely sealed - also my first dirty ride on the DL.

Somewhere on "The Annie"
Time for another shot of the Connie.  I couldn't really decide on a pic from the Southern Cross or some other ride but then I remembered - the Connie actually did two Grand Challenges this year.  Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to re-run the 2010 GC as I'd pulled out after assisting at an accident.  So here she is at 3:30am in Ashhurst after 1,000 miles in 18.5 hours.  Did I mention it's a fantastic machine?

Blown LHS headlight bulb and all
Number four is the most recent of the pictures - taken on Saturday during the Coast to Coast.  To me it just defines why I bought the DL - exploring out of the way places and seeing new sights.

Coast Road
Ok, you asked for it (actually, come to think of it, you didn't - blame Roger) a pic of me accidentally taken while playing with the GoPro - and no, the camera did not break!

Linkee to Roger's post.


  1. Love the gentle Annie pic Andrew , there is something about a desolate dirt road. Excellent

  2. Nice pics and roads, I would love to explore them with my Tenere :-)
    Perfect for the DL too.

  3. Andrew,
    Love the Annie pic too. I've never traversed it prior to it being completely sealed - looks really wild and those boulders are something else!

    Merry Xmas mate!

  4. Thanks all!

    And that's a Merry Xmas from me too!