Saturday, July 28, 2012

BRR King Country Cruzin Part One

A post from on the road - so not much typing and a crappy phone pic.

Today I've ridden up to National Park with a few of the team and we've had a blast getting here.

We met at a cafe just North of Marton and after an early lunch we took in some great gravel and other back roads to get here. Most of the gravel was in superb nick, although there as a bit of deeper stuff in places earlier in the ride.

We even found a few muddy corners for a bit of extra excitement and I had a decent moment coming out of one corner - although at least I stayed upright as a certain Beemer took the oppourtunity to have a quick nap. Luckily it was just a little whoopsie and no harm done - that can be the last time for the weekend eh Neil?

After a stop in Raetahi for a drink (see pic) we took in our last little bit of gravel for the day which also included one frosty corner which probably hasn't seen any sun for a few months.

So now I'm feet up until we meet shortly for a meal and get together then it'll be some sack time in preparation for a big day of riding tomorrow - the weather looks pretty good although I may have to race the rain home after the ride.

More once I'm home and hopefully some video although the damn GoPro has been playing up again today...

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  1. Sounds like fun. I am glad your bike wasn't the one that napped and that the one that went down just just a whoopsie.