Sunday, July 08, 2012

Keeping warm

...or trying to.

This morning I awoke to a pretty good frost and as it was also still quite cloudy it was pretty chilly as Bart and I went for our morning stroll.  But Barty still enjoyed his walk although he probably didn't enjoy seeing me wheel the Connie out of the shed - it normally means a day home alone for him.  And so it was to be again today...

The destination for today was yet again the Bay and as I was leaving home the cloud was just beginning to move away from Palmy - heading North, the same direction as me...

Heading across the top of the Saddle it was nice to be in the sunshine although it was still pretty cold and the views out towards Danniverke were stunning.  After getting stuck behind a bus on the descent of the Saddle I stopped briefly in Woodville for a top up before carrying on.

The muddy roadworks I ran into a few weeks ago were all gone and I had a good run up through Danniverke and onto SH50.  Riding up over my favourite hill on SH50 I got a bit of a surprise as I rounded a corner to see cars parked all over the place and one head-on into a bank.  Luckily everything was all in hand and it looked like the damaged car's occupants were all ok.  It must have been pretty recent though as I saw at least two cops (one in disguise) on their way out to sort things out - no ambulances, so that was a good thing.

In Napier I spent some time with my folks, my sister and all my nieces before skedaddling at around 2 so I could get home to light my fire nice in early.

On my ride home I caught a bit of light rain between Ongaonga and the plains but made good time to Danniverke.  In Danniverke I decided that I'd had enough of SH2 and turned off to make for Topgrass Road and my normally route along the ranges to Woodville.  However, I took the wrong turn and ended up on a road I hadn't ridden and wondered for a while where I was going to end up - I was wondering whether the road was going to peter out onto gravel and that I was on the wrong bike.

A couple of turns (without consulting Captain Zumm to I might add) and I popped out onto Topgrass Road for the short ride ride home where I now have the fire blazing and am just about ready for some dinner.  Nice to be home from the cold!

PS: no pictures today as I just kept going enjoying the protection of the Connie and of course, my heated grips.  There is a picture that I want to get for Troubadour though - soon...


  1. Hi Andrew Those Heated grips are worth everything, that wrong turning for you sounds like it made for an adventure

    This mng Jim and I rode back from Taupo and it was minus four degrees as we trucked through The Tokoroa forestry - there was ice everywhere, we first encountered thick fog which made for solid ice on our visors - having the heated grips made this experience a little bit bearable


    1. I don't mind the cold (although ice is another story) as long as I'm warm...

      Been corresponding with a mainlander who was riding in -9 a couple of weekends ago...

  2. Heated grips are definitely on my bike wish list, hate cold hands! We actually hit 30C today and are finally getting some summer weather. We have had a wet spring and very cool summer so far. It was such a treat to wear a mesh jacket without needing liners. Hopefully it will last for a couple of weeks. Hope your winter isn't a long cold one.

    1. We're past the shortest day now so hopefully not long to go now...