Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So today I had to finally had to splash out on some new tyres for my car.  It was painful enough but when you compare it to what I've spent on tyres for bikes in the time I've owned the car (7 years or so) and mileage covered it perhaps wasn't too bad.

  • K6 Bandit - probably 1 pair (can't quite remember when I got the car in relation to owning my Bandits).
  • VTR1000F - 1 pair.
  • V-Strom - 3 tyres
  • Concours - 9 pairs
  • So 25 tyres and around 150,000km travelled on two wheels
  • Subaru - about 40,000km and this is the first set of tyres I've bought for it.  (Notice how few kms I do in the car).
Oh, and I put the tyres on, had them balanced and got a wheel alignment for less than a set of tyres (and fitting) for either the Connie or the V-Strom...

Best not add the cost of those 25 tyres...


  1. Andrew you could have bought another bike for the cost of 25 sets of tyres.......

    1. But wouldn't have gone anywhere bud...

  2. Andrew:

    you've got a Subaru too ? We bought a new WRX in 2003 and just upgraded it to the new Crosstrek.

    Insurance is too costly to have too many bikes here due to Government insurance. We have to pay full premiums for each bike owned, even though they are just parked

    don't even factor in oil changes and how inexpensive as compared to a car

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yep, an old Outback (it's my 2nd 'baru). I like the Crosstrek (and of course WRX's) but they're not in my price range yet.

      I've tossed up changing my 'baru (it's 13 years old) but I do so few kms that a lot of money tied up in a car seems a waste of money. Bikes are another matter...

  3. I always hate spending money putting tires on cars. It seems to expensive compared to the bikes.

    I don't know why but I never mind putting them on the bikes. Maybe it is the enjoyment factor of the miles put on the bikes vs the car.

    1. Yeah, I don't mind putting new rubber on the bikes (except the $$$), it's so much better than sliding down the road on your face.

      No excuse for bad rubber on bikes!

  4. Some quick math reveals you use 1 tire for every 6000 km. That is not too bad. Same interval as changing the oil.

    Just be glad you don't live in Canada. I have 4 all-season tires for my car PLUS I have to store 4 winter tires in my basement. Every winter I have to pay to have the tires switched and then I pay again in the spring to reverse the process.

    Luckily, my motorcycle doesn't need winter tires because it is nice and toasty in its garage.

    1. Ah, but the trade off on not needing winter tyres is that it also means the bikes can be used year round! I win ;)

      Sounds like you're on a sports bike with that tyre diet. On PR2's I can get double that mileage on my 290kg, 150hp Connie...