Sunday, October 19, 2014

Four Points Day Three

Day three started with waking up to the sound of rain on the roof which wasn’t exactly what we were after but there was nothing for it but to get out of bed and onto the road again.

Leaving Pahia we came across a fallen tree that the firies were trying to get off the road and three cows who must have floated out of their paddock and onto the road.  Luckily we avoided these obstacles and even finally rode out of the rain just South of Kawakawa.
Our first stop was just out of Whangarei where we fuelled up and discussed breakfast.  The plan was to ride onto Auckland and hunt down a cafĂ©.  In the end though, we carried on down the motorway before turning off and taking some back roads through to Clevedon where we ended up having brunch instead of breakfast.
Next up was the nice ride to Miranda and instead of riding the Coromandel Loop we made for Paeroa and Waihi where it was time for more fuel.  Leaving Waihi the roads got a lot busier so we just cruised into Tauranga and around Welcome Bay.
Just North of Matata we were most excited to catch up with the rain again but unfortunately we didn’t carry on in it too much as we were soon at Whakatane where we are parked up again for the night.

Next up tomorrow is the mighty East Cape...

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  1. Waking to the sound of rain. That makes it so hard to get back on the bike in the morning instead of rolling over and going back to sleep.