Saturday, June 06, 2015

About every 25k

I have to take care of this:

It looks like they needed to be changed eh?

And while I was there I ended up doing this as well:

All the while not getting a lot of assistance from my supervisor:

Anyway, the bikes had a bit of TLC and now I'm just keeping a sharp eye on the weather as it's our monthly BRRBT ride tomorrow...


  1. About time! Can you fix my clutch for me now...?

  2. You didn't get any assistance because he was 'supervising'

  3. Have the same problem with our cats Andrew - they don't even tell me what socket size..... just sit there with a vague look of disapproval! BTW, my pads lasted 40000 km, one advantage of a lightweight :-)

    1. Well, you gotta expect it from cats don't ya?