Sunday, January 17, 2016


Yesterday Mark and I had a bit of mission to take care of in Lower Hutt and with it being summer and all, I ditched the waterproof liners from my gear.  As it turns out this wasn't the smartest move...

Mark rocked up to my place just before 8 and we hit the road South.  We were very well behaved on the way down but by the time we got to the Paicok Hill turn-off there were the odd patches of damp road and a few spits in the air.  The higher we clambered up the hill the damper it got until we were slithering around inside some low flying clouds.  A light drizzle chased us all the way into the Hutt.

Before leaving we decided that we had better not take the same route home as we did coming down so took off into the rain, aiming for the Rimutakas which were somewhere out in the murk...

The ride over the 'takas was not too bad but we did get stuck behind a lot of slow traffic as we dropped into Featherston.  I was also not in any fear of overheating as I was fairly damp under by gear...

In Carterton we stopped for lunch before carrying on up to Masterton for fuel.  By now the weather was a lot better and I was boiling off the water underneath my jacket and starting to think about opening some vents in the gear...

From Masterton we road through to Mauriceville and then crossed over to Route 52 and hammered it up to Alfredton.  There we stopped so that Mark could sample the might Vee and I his dirty √≥le Bandit.  We had a blast cruising through to Pahiatua and then back over the track into Palmy.

Oh, and we managed to get that little chore done too...


  1. So what's the overall impression of the AT?

  2. Cool.

    Just a test ride or did it follow you home? They sure are getting great reviews.

  3. We all need chores like this!

    1. They don't come around that often...