Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Half way...

...through another major wrestle...

Yeah, finally getting around to fitting the next set of rubber to the Connie.

This time around I got the tyre off fairly easily and then was really surprised at how easy the new one slipped over the rim.  But then it was time to set the bead...

This proved pretty tricky for some reason and in the end I resorted to pulling the valve out of the stem, letting my compressor work a full head of steam (well, air) and then blow the tyre up.  The bigger volume of air did the trick and I got that satisfying pop as the tyre seated itself properly.  Removing the pump fitting nearly had the wheel and tyre doing a deflating balloon trick - guess there could have been as much as 20 odd litres of air in the tyre...

Valve back in and tyre up to pressure it was time to refit the wheel.

Axle going in
And hey presto, one nice new PR4 on the front!

Oh, and you know what needs to happen next eh...


  1. Hi Andrew - good stuff!
    Did you buy your PR4's from Boyds? Mine have only got perhaps 2-3000k left and as I'm a lot closer than you, I'll get them to fit them but I'll check the alignment with my laser rig when I get home! Do you carry out a dynamic balance too? How long did your old set last?

    I'll probably stick with PR4's as they are so good but will also consider the RoadTec 1 as well as they are getting great reviews.

    1. Yeah, got them from Boyds. Can I borrow your laser rig?

      Somewhere between 10,500 and 11,000km from them. Fairly happy with that, especially considering just how good they've performed. Amazing in the wet!

  2. nice work, careful on those new tires for the first 100 miles or so....

    1. Hoping to get the rear on tomorrow night and take the bike for a WOF on Saturday morning. Supposed to be raining Saturday...

  3. Oh the shenanigans you'll get up to with new tyres on the connie........

    Make sure to take pictures.

    1. Shenanigans are one of my favourite things! Looking forward to more of them...