Sunday, September 18, 2016

Job done

Yep, the job is finally done.  not only has the Connie finally got two nice new PR4's on but she even flew through her WOF check so is good for another year.  Not bad for an old girl...

The rear tyre actually went on fairly easily so I'm not sure whether I'm getting used to the job or if I was just lucky.  I can however say that the road tyres are easier to get on than Adv ones.

The other day Geoff asked me how many k's I got out of the old set of 4's and it's ended up being just over 10,600km for this set.  Not too bad, especially when considering just how good they grip - particularly in the wet.  I possibly could have run them a little longer (although the front was starting to feel like it was done) but would not have passed the WOF.

It's really hard to show in a photo the wear and difference between old rubber and new - the below shots are about the best I could do of the 2 rears.

I haven't really had a chance to break them in (although maybe later) but I did ride over to Feilding and back yesterday morning and they were fine in the rain...


  1. No Metzeler Z8s? Been loving them on mine!

    1. Haven't tried them. Used to run Metzelers on my Bandits occasionally. Sticking with the Michelin PR series as they've been damn good. Some of the guys on the Concours forum are running Angel GT's and like them - I'm not going there after my experience with the ST's. A shame ├žos the Strada's were an Ok tyre...

  2. Time for a trade in bro.
    I would have went through about 300 tyre on the R1 in that time LMAO.