Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2016 Highlights

Ok, January is nearly done for but this is getting to be a bit of a habit:


Well, I test rode a Honda and didn't buy one...

Wrong colour?
But did manage to get a ride in during a patch of weather the likes of which we have yet to see this year...

Beach Babe

In February a certain V-twin departed to become an Aussie's NZ bike.

And of course there was the yearly pilgrimage for a little ride down South.

Munching miles is where it's at!

Looking back at my posts it looks like not much happened in March.  Having only one bike was a bummer, must have been waiting for something...Still got out for a nice little scoot on some favourite roads.

Smile for the camera darling

In April I was a little disappointed when the Connie's battery died...

Batteries these days...
and also got all nostalgic...

I miss that bike...
Before finally fixing that 2nd bike problem...


With a new bike in the shed there was farkling to be done (and it still continues)...

And looking back, the poor old Connie got a bit ignored when the new horse was taken on the BRRBT ride...

Seems to go alright.

The Connie finally got a run in June and it was up to some of the other guys to bring along their new and exotic machinery...

"Keep this end pointing forward"
"It's crap in the mud"

But the Tenere also got a couple of rides in, one slightly unplanned.

A bike, a bridge and some sun

In July I tried to sort out the recent favouritism and got both bikes out on the same day...

Tag hunter extraordinaire

Gravel eater extraordinaire

Oops, it looks like that in August I reverted to favouring the new bike again with a couple of outings to test the newly fitted E-07's.  One ride was frostier than the other.

I like heated grips and I cannot lie

We had a better summer during winter

The Connie got some loving in the form of new tyres and a service and even got treated to a little exercise for a change.

Ain't she lovely!
And the blog even passed a milestone.

Dang that means I'm 10 years older too...

In October I wimped out on the NI1600 and instead hung out at the HQ while others got sore butts.  At least the Connie got a run up to Turangi and back - teasing her?

Nev, Graeme & Phil

Colin finishing just after Glen (go Yamaha!)

And the Tenere went on her first big adventure.

Favourite pic of the trip

November means another wee ride that the Connie always enjoys.

Team Kawasaki out there doing it!
And the Tenere got to sample a Forgotten Highway.

How could I forget the Forgotten Highway?

Usually there's a few Toy Runs/Charity rides on in December, but last year I only managed to take in the Coast to Coast.

Everyone needs a Kawasaki!
And the Tenere was teased with a short trip South...may have to make it up to her...

Dang gates spoil all the fun...
Now, if the weather could just play ball so I can get amongst it again...


  1. Nice recap of the year mate, time for an invasion of aussies to the hallowed lands......

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Not sure I've seen yours...

  3. Great review of the year. Looks like 2016 was good to you.

    1. Thanks. Not quite as much riding as I would have liked - must fix that...