Monday, January 02, 2017

Xmas 2016

Christmas this year involved a nice little ride South on the Tenere.  My sister had recently bought a batch in the beautiful Golden Bay and it was time for the rest of the family to invade and check it out.

Lovely Wellington weather....
My trip began early on the afternoon of the 23rd.  I loaded up and left Palmy at just before 1pm to meet the ferry.  I'd given myself way too much time to get there, thinking that the Xmas traffic might be bad but all the traffic was heading in the opposite direction.

I got dumped on a couple of times but got to the ferry really early and had about an hour and a half before boarding.  I tried to get onto the boat that was already loading but no dice.  We were warned of some bumps in the straits but after a bit of lurching around leaving the harbour, the rest of the sailing was pretty calm.

Arriving in Picton at around 8:30 I took off through Queen Charlotte Sound (a little damp in places) before hitting the main road to Nelson.  It was quite wet in places going over the Rai and Whangamoa Saddles and the inside of my visor got crud on it causing a wee moment entering a tight right hander.  Well, that woke me up and slowed me down for the rest of the trip down the hill.

I rocked up to my sister's empty house (they were already at the batch) in Richmond at around 10:15 and was in the sack not much later dreaming of the Takaka Hill...

In the morning I soon turned my dreams into reality as the Tenere pootle across to Motueka and then assaulted the 28km of corners that is the Takaka Hill.  In reality I actually took it pretty easy and even stopped for photos...

In Collingwood I made a quick stop for fuel so that I had a decent tankful for any possible excursions later...and then about 10km up the road I discovered the batch hidden in some nice bush.

Now the holiday could start...

Over the next few days there was plenty of eating, walking and playing with the kids.  A nice relaxing time...

Pictures can tell the story better!

Fresh Kawhai for the smoker

Cape Farewell

Wharariki Beach

The Grove

Pupu Springs

And maybe some videos:

Simply oodles of Tui's around the batch and the sing all day and most of the night...

Eventually, I had to head home and that of course meant another crossing of the Takaka Hill, this time maintaining a little more momentum and then back through Queen Charlotte again to the ferry.

One fantastic steak sandwich and a smooth crossing had me back in the North Island for a quite cruise home after an excellent Xmas in a stunning spot!  Wonder what we're doing next Christmas...


  1. Incredible Christmas scenery ... Enjoy your riding season. And Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you to!

  2. Love that Takaka hill that is one awesome piece of road. Looks like a great Christmas mate!

  3. Cool rock formations seaside....Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Gorgeous views from the south island. Looks like you had a lovely visit with the family for the holidays.

    1. Hard to take a bad picture when you're on holiday eh? Magic place I tell ya!