Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another blimmin camera!

Yep, I slipped on the left mouse button while browsing Trade Me...

There had been a number of emails from GoPro offering deals on cameras and I got a little twitchy.  But then I noticed that they were still pretty dear.  A wee browse on Trade Me brought up all sorts of things including a Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

I'd played around using the Garmin Virb software a few times using GoPro footage and tracks from my Zumo to overlay data but it was a pretty tricky process matching the data to the video.  Grabbing a Virb camera with its own GPS sounded like a much better idea.  And second hand it was less than half new price and cheaper than a newer GoPro.

As you can see it's roughly the same size as my GoPro 3 and the neat thing is that its case is compatible with all my GoPro mounts...

And its got a screen - a touchscreen too!

Different knobs on top.  Flicking the lever on the right (and it worked with my gloves) starts the camera up and recording.  Pressing it takes a photo.

Time to mount it up and go for a ride.

Inside its case

Still get the same buttons through the case
Ok, so I got it on the bike so it was time to test it.  The camera is capable of 4K video but I don't have that fancy fast internet for uploading gigabytes of video so I recorded in 1080 and then after the Virb software created a huge file I processed it again down to a more manageable sized file in 720p.

Sunday was another hot day and I sweated my way at very ummm, sedate speeds over the Track and Saddle before puttering home to edit the video and add some data overlays.  First attempt:

Not too bad eh?  I'm a bit unimpressed with the interference at the start of the video where I give the Connie a couple of revs but I've had similar on other cameras - GoPro's seem to not have this problem.

On one write-up I read that the image stabilisation on the Virb is not marvellous.  I didn't have it on for this ride but I'm wondering how the camera will fare on the Tenere when we're pounding gravel?  I wonder how I can find out that...

Anyway, just for a giggle here's a bit more video showing what it's like to ride the Saddle these days...far too many vehicles on my track...Some nice views though.


  1. Looks like a fun little toy. Seems to take pretty good video too.

  2. Good info, thanks. I use the Sena Prism.

    1. Cheers, I've now got three GoPro's (1 really old one that doesn't get used/may not work) and the Virb.

      I have a problem...

  3. Thinking of taking a video camera to AZ in April so I'll be keen to hear your thoughts after a couple of months.

    1. Probably be a very good choice for you. It can link wirelessly with Garmin (and possibly other brand) "fitness" gadgets and will also give you also sorts of data that you mad pushie riders like.

      Maybe download the virb software and have a look at the metrics it can capture.

  4. Nice little camera, I like the touchscreen on the back so you can see whats going on.
    When you gonna start Vlogging?

    1. Vlogging? What's that? Wait until you see today's video, should be VRanting...

    2. Video Blogging = Vlogging its a motorcyclist who straps a camera to his head and rides around talking shit. You know its for dumb people who can't read but can watch you tube.

    3. Ahhh, so not virtual forestry operations then...

      No plans for Vlogging for me. If I'd done one after Sunday's ride I might have got carried away...