Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year's Tag

Crikey!  What a hot day today!

But, it was New Year's Day and that normally involves a ride.  I hadn't any major plans on where I wanted to ride so I checked in on the Tagorama page and spotted Phil's tag in Rangiwahia and decided that a trip around the Pohangina Valley was in order.

After a quick stop in Ashhurst to check in with Meanie, I carried on out around the Pohangina Valley East Road.  There was a bit of traffic on the road but it was in good condition so I managed to keep the old average speed up quite nicely.

Nearing Apiti my intercom ran out of juice (no charging following by ride the other day) so I had to do the rest of the ride without music.  After some more good back roads I finally arrived in Rangiwahia to nab the tag.


A nice day in Rangiwahia
Now it was time to head back home via Kimbolton, Cheltenham and perhaps even Fielding and to find a new tag for the game.  Eventually I spotted an opportunity somewhere along the way...

New tag

Hot in ???? too...

More blue sky thataway too...
Anyway, after about awww, maybe 170km, I ended up at home in a hot sweaty mess but having given the Connie her first run of the New Year.  Looking forward to many more...


  1. Happy New Year ... I so wish I could trade some of our cold (New Years Eve -27 C) for some of your summer heat ;0)

    1. Happy New Year to you too! +29 here yesterday - too hot for this little black duck...

  2. 29°C pffft.....thats not hot.
    We had a 43, 44 day about a week back, thats hot.

    1. Your brains are baked - you don't realise that 29 is hot...

  3. Beautiful sunshine, you tease me so......

    We've had -1˚C and freezing fog the last few days. Damn winter anyway. Good thing we have you to keep us in sunshine photos.

    1. I'll try to keep up the sunshine photos. At the moment it's still very warm but we're having a wee thunderstorm - I got soaked just putting the car in the shed...