Wednesday, July 03, 2019

IBA Awesomeness

So, a few days ago the 2019 Iron Butt Rally finished and it's been really neat to watch all the posts on their Facebook page.  There are also daily reports and finishing stats available on the IBA Website here.

And there was also big news this year.  A mad woman (and I mean that with the hugest respect) won the event!  And man did she cover some ground: 12,998 miles in 11 days on her FJR.  Now that is impressive!  A bit much for this little black duck...

Full scorecard

If you're interested in all this madness then I highly recommend you checkout the IBA website and I'll leave you with this cool link - it's an animation showing the travels of all the competitors.  Very trick!


  1. Crazy people. 12k miles in 11 days, sounds like a challenge for you bud...

    1. Not sure it's possible here - our roads and speed limits...

      'bout time you joined the club...

  2. Our speed limits are even less with nazi police enforcement