Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Quiet weekend

This past weekend I pretty much stayed around home doing chores and wasting time on the internet...

The Tenere sorely needs a run but it also needs a fork seal, this meant I missed out on an Adventure ride with Colin and the TSS crew. 

Sunday was actually a really nice day so I just had to do something.  I'd been given a bit of grief on the Tagorama thread - something about too much time farkling vs riding.  Not sure if this is quite true through but as I already had a picture of the Tenere at the site of the tag I decided that a stand-in was required.

The little bike is a lot of fun around town but I have to say, the knobblies are not that confidence inspiring on the road.  Gravel, mud and sand and they're mint, but not a lot of that sort of riding within the city limits...

But I did get to check out the new short-cut to work for my new tag.

Fabulous ride of almost 20km...so yeah, less than a litre of fuel...


  1. Wow thats a short ride even by my standards and they are pretty low. Try harder.