Monday, December 16, 2019

2019 Coast to Coast

Saturday was this year's running of the Coast to Coast ride which raises money for our local rescue helicopter.

The one photo I took this year...
I've missed very few of these over the years and have mentioned in the past that it is a ride that I both enjoy and hate.  I enjoy doing it as it raises money for a very worthy cause but, I hate it due to the antics of some of the riders that show up - the gap in my badge collection is due to me passing on the ride after two riders were killed on one running of the event.

Anyway, enough moaning, I went for a ride...

The ride out to Himatangi introduced me to the fresh wee breeze that was going to hang around for at least as long as I was out and about.  The forecast even promised some rain but I ignored it and rode out with all the vents open on my jacket, pants and helmet.

While waiting I spoke to a few guys I know, including one H2 rider who was riding something with about 25% of the power of his H2...

Eventually we set off through to Sanson and Feilding with the wind perhaps even stronger than the ride out to the beach.  I sat pretty close to the front and just puttered along enjoying the ride.

The trip over the Saddle was pretty slow but at least we didn't get stuck behind a heap of cars and then we formed up just on the outskirts of Woodville to wait for our slot in their Xmas parade.

The parade was very slow with plenty of us wobbling our way along with cooling fans roaring away and clutches being being given a workout - not exactly fun but the kids always love the bikes.

Parking up, it was time for lunch and that's when I ran into Colin W.  It had been quite some time since I'd seen him and it was nice to catch up and check out his new to him Tiger Sport.  Glad to see that he is still getting out there and enjoying his riding.

After lunch I flagged the trip out to the coast again (it seems like I'm out there every other weekend on the Tenere) and just pootled through to Pahiatua before having some sport on the Pahiatua Track.

Sorry about the lack of pics, here's an extra one from 2013 ;)


  1. Come on over to Aus and try a coast to coast. Should only take you 3 days....

    1. Yep, Davo Jones did 2 in a row in just under 6 days...on a Connie of course!

  2. What a great event, looks fun.