Thursday, December 05, 2019

Shake down tag

So after all the farkles were fitted, on Sunday I had to take the little WR for a short ride to test them out.

I didn't bother strapping the bags on but I did put an incredible 10L of fuel in the new tank before scooting off to nab the latest tag.

Well, that didn't take have a little explore...

I decided that I at least needed a little taste of gravel so I went for a wander up Kahuterara Road to find the gravel of Greens Road.

Last time through here I was on the V-Strom and I was very naughty, sneaking only the walking/biking track back through to Turitea but this time around I behaved myself and turned around to retrace my steps and grab some photos.

There's some pretty nice views up there and it's less than 10 minutes from town.

After this short gravel diversion I ended up just heading home, trying to keep ahead of cars in the 100km/h zone - no  problem for the little blue powerhouse!

Oh, and at some stage I may have even chosen the new tag:

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