Thursday, February 13, 2020

A break

...from the Dusty Chronicles as there is another wee event coming up soon and the Tenere needs some love before the off.

First up, spot the difference:

That rear Motoz has only lasted me 4,800km!  I will admit that it has been given a reasonably hard time.  The previous E-07+ managed 5,500km (including a TT) and probably had a whisker more left in it when I changed it.  We'll see how the new one goes...

I love my bead breaker!
I must be slowly learning as this time around the tyre swap was a piece of cake.  I reckon (not counting wheel removal and fitting), I got the old rubber off and the new on in around 10 minutes.  Happy as!

I then checked the front pads, which at 64,000km are still original.  I'd guess they're only half worn...Glen reckons his ones are still original at around 110,000km.  Now that's pretty impressive eh?  Glen puts it down to the linked brakes.  The Connies fronts last about 25,000km.

The rear's were another, quite embarrassing story...

You can just see the tiniest bit of material...

These have done just under 30,000km and as they are squeezed every time the front brake is applied and when only applying the rear brake (if you depress the rear brake pedal without touching the front then you only get the rear) then I guess they get a lot of work.

Now I just need to get a new WOF and change the oil and we're ready to rock!


  1. You should apply your brake pad philosophy to your rear tyre. There is another 2-3000km in that Motoz!

    1. Yeah, nah, it was poked and there's no way I'd get a WOF or the 2,000+kms I need out of it very soon.