Saturday, January 03, 2009

1st ride of '09

No, it wasn't on New Year's day but at least I got out before the weather changed again.

Yesterday's Friday night ride started a little earlier with a group of about 12 of us meeting up at the Ashhurst Mobil at 1pm. Only managed to get 4 VTR's (3x1000's, 1 x 250) along so hopefully we can do better another day.

After the usual stuffing around we headed off out into the Pohangina Valley and had an absolutely fantastic ride - the road is in very good condition at the moment with a lot less metal on the roads than can normally be the case. We had a quick stop outside Dog's place and then continued on through to Apiti.

Not far from Apiti, Dogs started slowing slowing up and eventually pulled over with a serious lack of air in his rear tyre. Unfortunately the hole was far too big for a repair and so the bike had to be left at a farmhouse while Dogs was forced to play pillion on the back of a Tiger for the ride back into Fielding for a drink. Later on the guys were able to rescue the bike and get onto replacing a stuffed rear tyre.

I ended up getting home just before 4pm and was glad to get out of my gear as the temperature was around 27 degrees and I was slowly melting in my jacket. Nice little ride to kick off the New Year.

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