Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Night Ride

Last night was another cracker of a night for the Friday night ride so it would have been rude not to go. Another good turn out too with somewhere around 20 bikes including a brand new GSX-R600 with about 30km on the clock - a very nice looking bike it is too.

After the usual half an hours yabbering we mounted up and headed for the track. Had a fantastic ride over there trying to stay with a certain green bike and was really fizzing when we stopped for a brief pause at the Mangamire turn-off. I took the next stretch a little easier as the road through to Mangamire can often have crap all over the road and Cowboyz also mentioned a wee issue with cars coming around the corner on the wrong side of the road too!

Another quick stop at the main road to await the stragglers and then we were off again down the main road before turning in at Hamua and taking the back roads to Pahiatua. I had a lot of fun sitting behind Meanie and listening to his Connie before finally passing him to chase a few others into Pahiatua. There were a few sections of gravel and new seal to deal with and the setting sun also caused a few issues on the final leg into Pahiatua.

At Pahiatua it was time for another quick stop to work out where we were going for a drink and I got to sample Cowboyz ZX-9 on the way to Magatainoka where we stopped for our drinks break. Not that great a bit of road for a test ride but it was still interesting to try the green bike and it is hard to believe that she is a about 120,000km young. While here Bonez came up with a plan for another little diversion (it was a nice night after all) and took us on some more back roads that eventually bought us back out onto Highway 2 just north of Woodville.

Leaving Woodville it was just Bonez, Horse and myself that took the turn to go over the saddle but we had a great ride over there in the dark. Showed a fair bit of caution though as the road can be dodgy sometimes and loose metal is a bit tricky to spot in the dark. I also managed to avoid a bunny at the bottom of the hill where I pulled over and waited for the other two.

From there we pottered back into Woodville and ended up meeting back up with some of the others at Cowboyz place where there was coffee to be had and plenty of crap to be talked. Fantastic night out!

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