Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday Night Ride

Okay, so it's winter and it was cold & dark but it was a Friday and 2 Honda's needed some exercise so after work Brian and I raced home to gear up for a ride to Hunterville and back.

Naturally we went out via Vinegar Hill and although there was quite a bit of traffic we still had a bit of fun on the hill and through some of the windier bits. We obviously took it a bit carefully in deference to the time of day and the possibility of damp corners in places.

After a bite to eat in Hunterville we pootled back down SH1 but turned of to go home via Halcombe and Fielding. One quick stop in Fielding for gas and then back home before it got too cold and frosty.

Slightly mad but a nice little ride to wind down for the weekend.

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