Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wind surfing

Yep, a pretty blustery day today and after a late start due to much discussion about the weather, six of us took to Pohangina Valley East Road and did the Apiti Loop.

While in the valley we managed to mostly keep out of the wind but had to play it pretty careful as the winter weather normally causes a bit of havoc on Pohangina Valley East Road with the possibility of slips, branches, stock and all manner of rubbish on the road. Today it was not too bad but there were a few places where there had been slips or a farmer's tractor had spread mud around - just enough to spice things up and keep ya on ya toes.

We stopped in Kimbolton where we tucked into hot drinks and food before tackling the wind again on the big straights from Kimbolton into Fielding. Nice to get in a decent little pootle before going back to work tomorrow.

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