Saturday, July 04, 2009

Out and about

It's not often that it's a good thing when the weather forecast is wrong but it was nice to be greeted by a sunny day today rather than the forecasted wild and wet conditions. So, after a few chores and puttering around town I suited up for a wee pootle.

I decided on just a short ride over the track through to Mangamaire, Pahiatua, Ballance and then the Saddle Road home. All up only about 100km but a great opportunity to give the Honda a little run and enjoy some corners.

I took it pretty quietly as there were plenty of damp and slippery places but for the most part the roads were in good nick for this time of the year and there was plenty of fun to be had. It was also great to see so many bikes out and about doing as I was - enjoying a nice winter's day out on the road.

The only "interesting" moment I had was on the Ballance bridge (one-way) was an idiot in a car deciding to come onto the bridge while I was on it. Luckily he finally decided to open his eyes and backed off the bridge.

Other than that a great way to enjoy a little sunshine!

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