Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fields Track

Not a very flash day weather wise today but the Fielding Riders had planned an excursion to take in Fields track so Mark, Brian, Dave and I were keen. The only thing was the weather had put off everybody else - so we had to go by ourselves.

Brian and I left Palmy in drizzle and met up with Mark & Dave at Bunnythorpe. We also saw Gary on his way over to Fielding but he decided against joining us...

Over Vinegar Hill we were in light rain most of the way and then once on SH1 it dried up a bit for a while until about Taihape where things got quite wet and the temperature started to drop. By the time we hit Waioru the temperature was down to 2 degrees and it was time to grab some hot lunch before pressing on.

Fields Track can be a bit dodgy at times and the first 20km or so was quite wet and slippery with dirt across the road in places. But once we got further into it the road surface got better (has obviously been some resealing done at some stage) and the weather also started to improve.

As we dropped down the hill towards SH4 the road started drying out so the pace came a bit and the Para Para's were a blast. Just one more quick stop in Wanganui so the Suzy's could top up their tanks and we headed home taking in Turakina, Marton, Halcombe and Fielding. Mark & Dave peeled off at Fielding while Brian and I enjoyed one last shower of rain just before Palmy.

Another great wintry ride of 327km - the weather certainly didn't put a dampener on it...

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