Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday night ride

We've had two great days of weather but unfortunately they both have happened to fall during the working week which makes it a little hard to get in a decent ride...back and forth to work is just not enough.

So Brian decided that a Friday night ride was in order and we decided to repeat the last one with a blast over Vinegar Hill to Hunterville for tea. This time around we managed to persuade Mark & Cowboyz to join us - Cowboyz hitting the hill twice in one day...

It was a great run through the Hill in the gathering darkness and hopefully Cowboyz got some video for later. A nice burger in Hunterville and we were off again heading South on SH1. Talk about cops! In one 10km stretch there were two of them busy writing tickets.

Halcombe Hill was great for another little blast before puttering home to put the bike to bed. Approx 130km and over half a tank of gas...

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